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By J. A. Escobar-Pelaez, J. L. Olvera Cervantes, A. Corona-Chavez, and H. Lobato-Morales

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A novel 3-pole bandpass filter (BPF) based on microstrip loaded ring resonators (LRRs) is proposed. Each resonator is composed by a closed-loop transmission line and a short-circuited stub. By properly adjusting the impedance and the electrical length of each resonator, the proposed circuit may be made compact (over 93.7% smaller than a conventional ring resonator) and its stopband may be extended simultaneously. Each resonator exhibits an area of 0.0727 λg x 0.079 λg where λg is the guided wave length. A BPF at the center frequency of f0=1.9 GHz with stopband extended up to 7.8 GHz (=4f0) is developed showing good agreement between simulation and experimental results.

J. A. Escobar-Pelaez, J. L. Olvera Cervantes, A. Corona-Chavez, and H. Lobato-Morales, "A Bandpass Filter with Compact Size and Extended Stopband Using Closed-Loop Transmission-Lines and Short-Circuited Stubs," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 35, 83-88, 2012.

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