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By S. Y. Jun and K. Chang

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A compact microstripbandpass filter using miniaturized hairpin resonators is presented in this letter. Two modified stepped impedance hairpin resonators connected by parallel coupling are designed for the bandpass filter. The proposed miniaturized hairpin resonator is composed of amicrostrip line and rectangular ring structures between parallel high impedance lines. A big capacitance in the hairpin resonator is provided by the gaps ofrectangular ring structures in the parallel high impedance lines. Therefore, the proposed bandpass filter using the hairpin resonators has a low insertion loss, low return loss and compact size. The proposed bandpass filter with acenter frequency of4.96GHz is designed with EM full wave simulator IE3D andverified with experiment.

S. Y. Jun and K. Chang, "Compact Microstrip Bandpass Filter Using Miniaturized Hairpin Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 37, 65-71, 2013.

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