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By S. Clauzier, S. Avrillon, L. Le Coq, M. Himdi, F. Colombel, and E. Rochefort

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A near-field focused antenna used as a feed for linear array is presented in this paper. This antenna is an H-plane sectoral horn with a biconvex dielectric lens placed in its aperture. This antenna focuses the beam in one plane (H-plane) to illuminate a linear array with a small width and provide a large aperture on the other plan to illuminate the length of the array. The simulated field distribution on the array is found to be in good agreement with the measurement of a prototype at 9.41 GHz.

S. Clauzier, S. Avrillon, L. Le Coq, M. Himdi, F. Colombel, and E. Rochefort, "Near-Field Focusing in One Plane Using a Loaded Sectoral Horn Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 37, 113-122, 2013.

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