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By S. W. Harmer, N. J. Bowring, N. D. Rezgui, and D. Andrews

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This paper describes how information about the electromagnetic structure of targets can be obtained from direct detection radar techniques, where the relative phase of the transmitted and received signals is not measured. A comparison is made between the resolved structure of a simple test target from an ultra wide band, pulse synthesis direct detection radar system at 14-40 GHz and an equivalent heterodyne radar receiver where phase information is recorded. The test targets employed are wax sheet of thickness 20 mm and 80 mm which are illuminated alone and in contact with the human body. A vector network analyser is used as the radar system. The simplicity of constructing ultra wide band direct detection radar systems combined with their cost makes the use of such radar systems appealing for applications such as concealed threat detection and nondestructive testing, where absolute range to the target, if required, can be determined by other methods.

S. W. Harmer, N. J. Bowring, N. D. Rezgui, and D. Andrews, "A Comparison of Ultra Wide Band Conventional and Direct Detection Radar for Concealed Human Carried Explosives Detection," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 39, 37-47, 2013.

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