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By G. Liu, L. Xu, and Z.-S. Wu

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A miniaturized crossed-dipole fractal antenna with circular polarization is presented in this letter. The radiating elements of the antenna were built as the Koch curve, and the antenna was mounted on a specially designed ground plane. Furthermore, the influence of fractal dimension to bandwidth and axial ratio of fractal antenna is also experimentally studied. The bandwidth of the VSWR≤ 1.5:1 within 3dB axial ratio for the fractal antenna is about 5.98%. The measured results show that the proposed fractal antennas have good circular polarization property, efficiency and 23.4-33.5% size reduction comparing with the conventional crossed-dipole antenna. The tested results are in good agreement with that of the simulations.

G. Liu, L. Xu, and Z.-S. Wu, "Miniaturized Crossed-Dipole Circularly Polarized Fractal Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 39, 49-62, 2013.

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