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By D. P. Belozorov, A. Girich, S. V. Nedukh, A. N. Moskaltsova, and S. I. Tarapov

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The paper is devoted to the study of microwave analogue of Tamm states appearing at the boundary of two different periodical chain-like structures in contact. A comparison of numerical and experimental data is provided for periodical chains of quadripoles modelling our system. As it turns out, at the point of contact of two different periodic structures, significant concentration of electromagnetic wave energy takes place. The corresponding concentration of energy is quite similar to those characteristics for Tamm states concentration which takes place at the boundary between two adjacent photonic crystals. We use the term microwave analogue of Tamm states for the considered periodic chain-like structures.

D. P. Belozorov, A. Girich, S. V. Nedukh, A. N. Moskaltsova, and S. I. Tarapov, "Microwave Analogue of Tamm States in Periodic Chain-Like Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 46, 7-12, 2014.

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