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By P. Zhang, X. Chen, and J. Ma

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This paper presents a low-cost strip-to-bilateral-slotline transition with operating bandwidth from 0.53 to 6 GHz. The low-cost design concept is realized by utilizing conventional cheap FR-4 substrate and wide slotline with large slot width. By virtue of the low price of FR-4, less strict fabrication tolerance of wide slotline and the avoidance of metallic vias, the fabrication cost is reduced significantly compared to schemes using expensive Rogers RT laminates, extremely narrow slotline with strict fabrication tolerance and metallic vias. The broadband impedance matching difficulty caused by the high characteristic impedance of wide slotline is solved by three means. Firstly, bilateral structure is used to lower the characteristic impedance of the slotline. Then an elliptic slotline stub and an innovative half-elliptic strip stub are proposed to provide good impedance matching. Finally, multi-section stepped impedance transformers are used to match the transition from high impedance to standard 50 Ohm. The validity of the design methods is verified through experiments.

P. Zhang, X. Chen, and J. Ma, "Low Cost Strip-to-Bilateral-Slotline Transition on Wide Slotline," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 46, 67-72, 2014.

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