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By K. Li, L. Li, C. Zhu, and C.-H. Liang

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A new metamaterial-inspired polarization reconfigurable microstrip antenna is presented in this paper, in which a square slot is etched on the ground plane and two PIN diodes are mounted across the slot for polarization reconfigurability. A complementary split ring resonator (CSRR) can be formed by integrating the square slot with two diodes. By controlling the working states of two diodes, we can change the gap position of CSRR which will alter the polarization of the microstrip antenna. Therefore, the polarization of the microstrip antenna can be switched among linear polarization (LP), left-hand circular polarization (LHCP) and right-hand circular polarization (RHCP), respectively. The planar electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure is further introduced to extend the bandwidth of the 3dB axial ratio. In addition, the proposed metamaterial-inspired antenna with agile polarization reconfiguration can be feasibly controlled by using a simple biasing circuit. The simulations and experiments are given to verify the effectiveness and correctness of the proposed reconfigurable antenna design.

K. Li, L. Li, C. Zhu, and C.-H. Liang, "A New Polarization Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna Based on Complementary Split Ring Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 46, 119-125, 2014.

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