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By M. M. Fakharian, P. Rezaei, and A. A. Orouji

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In this letter, a reflectarray antenna based on the folded stepped impedance resonator (SIR) patch-slot configuration with variable size is presented. A novel frequency selective surface (FSS) in the reflectarray as a ground plane for reducing radar cross section (RCS) level is applied. The FSS is based on the folded SIR configuration. Two prime-focus 15 × 15 reflectarray antennas backed on the folded SIR FSS ground and a conventional ground are designed and manufactured. The radiation performance of a reflectarray element backed either by a solid ground plane or a band-stop FSS structure is compared. The measured results demonstrate that the radiation pattern and gain of the FSS-backed reflectarray are almost same to its counterpart backed by a conventional ground plane at the operating band of 11.5 GHz. The RCS is effectively reduced in the out of this band when compared with the reflectarray with a solid metal ground plane of the same dimension.

M. M. Fakharian, P. Rezaei, and A. A. Orouji, "A Reflectarray Based on the Folded Sir Patch-Slot Configuration Backed on FSS for Low RCS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 47, 119-124, 2014.

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