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By R. Lian, S. Zhang, Y.-Z. Yin, X.-Y. Song, and H. Zhang

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A low-profile broadband dual-polarized antenna with high isolation and low cross polarization is presented in this letter. The proposed antenna employs two different feeding mechanisms. On one hand, two out-of-phase probes loaded with two small circular patches make the proposed antenna operate in horizontal mode. On the other hand, two pins connecting two eyebrow-shaped patches and the ground form a magnetic loop which enables the proposed antenna to achieve vertical polarization. By elaborately adjusting the feeding structures, measurements demonstrate that the proposed antenna not only achieves 10-dB return loss bandwidths of 49% (1.7-2.8 GHz) and 28% (2-2.65 GHz) for Port 1 and Port 2, respectively, but also maintains a high isolation better than 32 dB over the entire common frequency band. Meanwhile, within the main lobes, the cross polarization levels, both in E-plane and in H-plane, stay lower than -25 dB for Port 1 and -20 dB for Port 2. In addition, the proposed antenna with a profile of 0.13 achieves the maximum gains of 8.4 dBi for horizontal polarization and 8.2 dBi for vertical polarization.

R. Lian, S. Zhang, Y.-Z. Yin, X.-Y. Song, and H. Zhang, "A Broadband Dual-Polarized Printed Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 49, 23-29, 2014.

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