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By J.-X. Xu, W.-Q. Pan, L. Gao, and X.-L. Zhao

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This paper presents a novel method to design filtering power divider with compact size. Based on lumped elements, a novel topology is proposed and theoretically analyzed. The equivalent power splitting circuits and filtering circuits are characterized by even-odd-mode analysis. Closed-form design equations are obtained, and all the unknown parameters can be derived. Meanwhile, two transmission zeros are produced near the passband edges, resulting in high-selectivity quasi-elliptic responses. For demonstration, a filtering power divider is implemented. The circuit operating at 600 MHz occupies only 15 mm × 14 mm.

J.-X. Xu, W.-Q. Pan, L. Gao, and X.-L. Zhao, "Filtering Power Divider Based on Lumped Elements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 49, 31-38, 2014.

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