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By E. Georget, R. Abdeddaim, F. Garde, and P. Sabouroux

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In this paper, a multiband flexible antenna is presented. This antenna was realized on a flexible substrate in order to realize a deployable system for a distress beacon. We used the concept of open-sleeve antenna to change a quadrupole mode into a dipole mode. The main radiating element of the antenna is a dual-band folded U-shaped antenna. The operating frequencies of this antenna are studied depending on the length of the parasitic elements. In order to understand the matching and the radiation patterns in far field of both antennas (U-shaped and open-sleeve), their magnetic behaviors in near field are studied in simulation and in measurement. The simulated and measured radiation patterns are also presented to check the study in near field.

E. Georget, R. Abdeddaim, F. Garde, and P. Sabouroux, "An Open-Sleeve Folded U-Shaped Multiband Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 52, 1-9, 2015.

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