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By L. Bei, S. Zhang, and K. Huang

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A novel 180˚ out-of-phase power divider with complex-source to complex-load impedance transformation and high power-handling capability is proposed in this paper. It is composed of three double-sided parallel-strip lines (DSPSLs), a conduct plane in the middle as common ground, and two resistors for heat sinking and high isolation. Based on the rigorous odd- and even-mode analytical methods, closed-form design equations about electrical parameters are obtained. To demonstrate our design theory, a practical three-layer out-of-phase power divider is designed, simulated and measured. The measured results show that the return losses |Sii| (i=1, 2, and 3) are all larger than 17 dB. The insertion loss |S21| (|S31|) is 3.6 dB (3.7 dB). The isolation |S23| is -24 dB, and the output phase difference is -177˚ at the operating frequency. Good agreements between the simulated and measured results verify our design theory.

L. Bei, S. Zhang, and K. Huang, "Complex Impedance-Transformation Out-of-Phase Power Divider with High Power-Handling Capability," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 53, 13-19, 2015.

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