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By O. M. H. Ahmed

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In this article, the design of an electromagnetically-coupled millimeter-wave elliptical patch array antenna prepared to work in the 56-65 GHz (14.8%) frequency band is presented. The introduced antenna array is designed for low-loss, high-gain and low cross-polarization levels. The proposed antenna exhibits a measured gain of 8 dBi and good linear polarization across the desired frequency range. It has a good side lobe suppression better than 17 dB in both E- and H-planes. Measured and simulated results confirm that this antenna is a good candidate for short-range wireless communication applications at millimeter-wave frequencies.

O. M. H. Ahmed, "Electromagnetically-Coupled Millimeter-Wave Antenna Array with Non-Uniform Distribution for 60 GHz ISM Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 53, 71-76, 2015.

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