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By X. Gao, W. Feng, and W. Che

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A high selectivity differential bandpass filter (BPF) using two pairs of dual-behavior resonators (DBRs) is proposed in this letter. A high selectivity passband for the differential mode with second harmonic suppression is achieved, by utilizing shorted coupled lines with two short stubs. For the common-mode (CM) circuit, the CM responses can be suppressed over a wide frequency band by the loaded open/shorted stubs. To validate the feasibility of the proposed filter, a planar differential BPF (3-dB fractional bandwidth 4.9%) with good CM suppression is designed and fabricated. The theoretical and measured results agree well and show good in-band filtering performances and out-of-band harmonic suppression performances.

X. Gao, W. Feng, and W. Che, "High Selectivity Differential Bandpass Filter Using Dual-Behavior Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 53, 89-94, 2015.

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