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By T. Zhang, C. Yu, Y. Liu, S. Li, and B. Tang

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A novel low-complexity dual-band digital predistortion (2D-LCMP) model for linearization of dual-band power amplifiers (PAs) is proposed in this paper. The in-band intermodulation (IM) and cross-band modulation (CM) distortion terms in the prior two-dimensional models have different impacts on the model performance. Therefore, they are considered respectively in the proposed model. Some redundant distortion terms are removed away to decrease the model complexity. In addition, the nonlinearity order and memory depth are frequency dependent for each band. Experimental measurements were performed on two types of wideband PAs. The results prove the superiority of the 2D-LCMP model.

T. Zhang, C. Yu, Y. Liu, S. Li, and B. Tang, "A Low-Complexity Dual-Band Model for Dual-Band Power Amplifiers Based on Volterra Series," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 53, 101-106, 2015.

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