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By A. K. Belbachir, M. Boussouis, and N. Amar Touhami

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A high-performance microstrip low-pass filter (LPF) with low cutoff frequency, negligible passband insertion loss, very sharp transition band, and deep ultra-wide stopband is designed, fabricated and measured. The presented filter is realized using three types of resonators which are coupled C-shape defected ground structure (C-CDGS), mirrored series-resonant branch loaded by radial stub, and high impedance line loaded by radial stub. A novel equivalent circuit model of the C-CDGS resonator is created, and its corresponding parameters are also extracted. The proposed filter is experimentally verified through the measured results which show good agreement with electromagnetic simulations.

A. K. Belbachir, M. Boussouis, and N. Amar Touhami, "High-Performance LPF Using Coupled C-Shape DGS and Radial Stub Resonators for Microwave Mixer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 58, 97-103, 2016.

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