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By J. Zheng and S.-J. Fang

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A new method for reducing the in-band radar cross-section (RCS) of a patch antenna within its operating frequency is presented. This method is based on the utilization of band-pass frequency selective surface (FSS) consisting of non-resonant constituting elements. The main novelty of this method is that it allows for the use of an FSS structure to reducing the in-band RCS of antennas. To validate the proposed method, a low RCS patch antenna resonating at 5 GHz is designed using this method. The simulated results show that the largest RCS reduction is about 15 dB at 5 GHz. A prototype of the proposed antenna is fabricated and tested in an anechoic chamber, and good agreements between the measured and simulated results are demonstrated.

J. Zheng and S.-J. Fang, "A New Method for Designing Low RCS Patch Antenna Using Frequency Selective Surface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 58, 125-131, 2016.

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