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By W.-Q. Cao and W. Hong

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A novel probe-fed single-layer circularly polarized (CP) truncated microstrip antenna with enhanced CP bandwidth and gain is presented in this paper. The axial ratio (AR) bandwidth is broadened by loading with a circle of truncated square parasitical patches. Parameter analysis is made to investigate the effect of the loading structures on the AR property. For comparisons, both the unloaded and loaded truncated patch antennas with the same size are designed, fabricated and measured. The measurement results show that by adding the parasitical patches, the -10 dB impedance bandwidth was increased from 0.98 GHz (15.9%) to 1.42 GHz (21.5%), among which the 3-dB RHCP AR bandwidth has been increased from 200 MHz (3.3% at the center frequency of 6.04 GHz) to 780 MHz (12.6% at the center frequency of 6.19 GHz). The gain enhancement is about 0.5 dB~1.5 dB around the operating frequency range, and the maximum gain of the proposed antenna is about 9.1 dB. With the advantages of simple structure, wide CP bandwidth and considerable gain property, this antenna has potential application in wireless communications.

W.-Q. Cao and W. Hong, "Bandwidth and Gain Enhancement for Probe-Fed CP Microstrip Antenna by Loading with Parasitical Patches," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 61, 47-53, 2016.

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