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By Q. He, X. Meng, X. Lou, and L. Zhu

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An unequal power divider which features quasi-arbitrary output phase difference is proposed in this paper. The circuit consists of four microstrip lines and a resister. By the even- and odd-mode analysis technique, the closed-form design equations of this structure are derived. The characteristic impedances, electrical length and bandwidth variations with power division ratio and phase difference are analyzed. For proving its validity, a prototype with this proposed structure is designed and implemented at 1 GHz. The results of simulation and measurement show that the pro-posed power divider can effectively produce two outputs with controllable power division and phase difference.

Q. He, X. Meng, X. Lou, and L. Zhu, "A Design of Quasi-Arbitrary Phase Difference Unequal Microstrip Power Divider," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 61, 63-69, 2016.

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