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By A. R. Moznebi and K. Afrooz

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In this paper, a compact filtering power divider (PD) based on half mode substrate integrated waveguide (HMSIW) is presented. The proposed structure is realized by etching slots on the top layer of the HMSIW PD. Accordingly, two resonators are embedded in each patch, as a second order filter. The slots dimensions are obtained by the relationship between them and the extracted external quality factor and coupling coefficient. A good agreement between the simulated and measured results is reported. The measured 3 dB fractional bandwidth is 25% (6.3-8.1 GHz). The maximum insertion loss is 0.9 dB, and the return loss is above 20 dB in the passband. This design has the advantages of low insertion loss, improved out-of-band rejection, compact size, controllable bandwidth, and high selectivity.

A. R. Moznebi and K. Afrooz, "Compact Filtering Power Divider Based on Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 61, 55-62, 2016.

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