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By L. Deng, X.-L. Chen, and Y. Li

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A method for extracting a desired network from the composite measurement of a desired and undesired networks combination is proposed. The desired network is required to be a reciprocal and passive network. Time-domain responses are chosen by time-domain gates according to the signal flow diagram of the measured networks. This method can be used to characterize fixtures and de-embed of fixtures effects from the composite measurement of a device under test (DUT) and fixtures combination. This method can also compensate for masking errors. Extraction for the S-parameters of the desired network are described in detail, and the extraction result is validated with two simulations.

L. Deng, X.-L. Chen, and Y. Li, "S-Parameters Extraction of a Desired Network with Time-Domain Gates," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 61, 91-97, 2016.

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