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By B. Yu, H. Xia, X. Chen, F. Yang, F. Wan, Z.-H. Chen, Y. Zhou, and J.-X. Ge

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A W-band dual-polarized Cassegrain antenna for cloud radar is proposed. The aperture diameter of the main reflector of the antenna is 50 cm. By using a modified Magic-T structure in the feed horn, the antenna is dual-polarized with high port isolation. The measured results show that the port isolation is 44.7 dB. The gains are 47.3 dB and 49.5 dB for the two ports at 94 GHz, respectively, and the efficiency of the antenna is better than 87%.

B. Yu, H. Xia, X. Chen, F. Yang, F. Wan, Z.-H. Chen, Y. Zhou, and J.-X. Ge, "A Novel W-Band Dual-Polarized Cassegrain Antenna for Cloud Radar," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 61, 99-103, 2016.

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