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By J. Yang, X. Shang, and Z.-P. Li

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This paper presents a short-range imaging algorithm for multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) array. One of the steps in a previous method utilizes 2-D STOLT interpolation to transform 3-D data into 2-D data, which is not strict in the view of mathematical derivation and lack of physical meaning. The convolution operation which is analyzed by physical process of angular spectrum propagation is used to explain multi-static configuration and reduce the 3-D data into 2-D ones. This paper gives the physical phenomena of the whole process of imaging. We also explain the different physical meanings of FFT between transmitters and receivers. Numerical simulations show the consequence of STOLT interpolation in the previous algorithm and demonstrate the performance of the proposed algorithm.

J. Yang, X. Shang, and Z.-P. Li, "Range Migration Techniques for Short-Range MIMO Array Imaging," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 64, 111-117, 2016.

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