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By R. Keshavarz, A. Mohammadi, A. Abdipour, and R. Mirzavand

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A dual-band microstrip distributed multiplier with two multiplication factors based on the extended composite right- and left-handed (E-CRLH) transmission lines (TLs) is presented. Dual-band operation for distributed multiplier is achieved by three cells, and each cell consists of a transistor, microstrip TL and E-CRLH transmission line. The distributed multiplier exhibits two multiplication factors in two different frequencies: one multiplication factor in reverse direction and the other multiplication factor in forward direction. The excellent agreement between proposed technique and measurement results confirms the accuracy and efficiency of the method.

R. Keshavarz, A. Mohammadi, A. Abdipour, and R. Mirzavand, "A Dual Band E-CRLH Frequency Multiplier with Two Multiplication Factors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 64, 99-104, 2016.

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