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By W. Li, X. Cao, H. Lin, and Z.-X. Tang

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In this letter, an interdigital band-pass filter is proposed for out-of-band rejection improvement. Seven quarter-wavelength resonators are employed to form the passband. Three extra transmission zeros (TZs) on both sides of the passband are implemented by introducing source-load coupling and dumbbell defected ground structures (DGS). As demonstrated by the measured results, out-of-band rejection and selectivity are improved by these three TZs, and good performances are achieved. The proposed method of increasing out-of-band rejection is feasible and applicable in the design of modern microstrip filters.

W. Li, X. Cao, H. Lin, and Z.-X. Tang, "Design of an Interdigital Band-Pass Filter for Out-of-Band Rejection Improvement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 64, 105-110, 2016.

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