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By G. Lian, Z. Wang, Z. He, Z. Zhong, L. Sun, and M. Yu

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A new miniaturized microstrip branch-line coupler with good harmonic suppression is proposed in this paper. The new structure has two significant advantages, which not only effectively reduces the occupied area to 20.4% of the conventional branch-line coupler at 0.96 GHz, but also has high 6th harmonic suppression performance. The measured results indicate that a bandwidth of more than 120 MHz has been achieved while the phase difference between S21 and S31 is within 90° ± 1°. The measured bandwidth of |S21| and |S31| within 3 ± 0.3 dB are 145 MHz and 150 MHz, respectively. Furthermore, the measured insertion loss is comparable to that of a conventional branch-line coupler. The new coupler can be easily implemented by using the standard printed-circuit-board etching processes and is very useful for wireless communication systems.

G. Lian, Z. Wang, Z. He, Z. Zhong, L. Sun, and M. Yu, "A New Miniaturized Microstrip Branch-Line Coupler with Good Harmonic Suppression," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 67, 61-66, 2017.

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