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By J. Bai, Q. Chen, S. Yang, Z. Sun, and Y. Fu

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Based on metamaterials and compressive sensing theory, we design a single pixel millimeter-wave fast imaging system by a 1D aperture array. The aperture array is realized by a column of complementary electric-lc (cELC) units etched on amicrostrip transmission line. Each cELC unit resonates at a different frequency, where the energy is coupled from the aperture to free space. A sequence of random field patterns can be obtained by controlling geometric parameters of each cELCunit. We use the frequency as the index of measurement matrix which well satisfies the restricted isometry property (RIP) and is well suited for compressive sensing (CS). A prototype of CS imaging system operatingatKa-band (27-40 GHz) is fabricated which can detect a 5 cm * 5 cm object precisely at a distance of 50 cm.

J. Bai, Q. Chen, S. Yang, Z. Sun, and Y. Fu, "A Single Pixel Millimeter-Wave Imaging System Based on Metamaterials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 67, 111-115, 2017.

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