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By J. Zhang, S.-F. Liu, F. Wang, Z. Yang, and X.-W. Shi

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In this paper, a miniaturized Vivaldi antenna for C- to X-bands is proposed and fabricated. An H-Shaped Resonator (HSR) and transverse slot structures are employed in this design, which improve the gain through the entire band, especially at the higher frequency band. These simulated results show that the modified Vivaldi antenna has a maximum gain increment of 4 dBi and maximum gain of 9.9 dBi. Furthermore, the modified Vivaldi antenna has narrower half-power beam width (HPBW), higher front-to-back ratio (FBR) and better radiation characteristics. The proposed antenna is fabricated and measured to validate the design. The measured results are in good agreement with the simulated ones.

J. Zhang, S.-F. Liu, F. Wang, Z. Yang, and X.-W. Shi, "A Compact High-Gain Vivaldi Antenna with Improved Radiation Characteristics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 68, 127-133, 2017.

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