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By Y. Wang and Y. Zou

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A novel low-index metamaterial lens (LIML) used for wideband circular polarization antenna is proposed. By introducing gradual spaces between metamaterial elements, one can achieve a much wider bandwidth than the equally spaced situation can do. Starting with a planar equiangular spiral antenna with reflector, we demonstrate the design idea of this LIML. By using the specially designed LIML, the ultimate antenna can achieve an obvious gain improvement of 2 dBi and a wide axial ratio bandwidth of 44% (from 6.9 GHz to 10.8 GHz). A prototype is fabricated, and the measured results agree well with the simulated ones.

Y. Wang and Y. Zou, "Design of Low-Index Metamaterial Lens Used for Wideband Circular Polarization Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 68, 93-98, 2017.

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