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By Y. Xiong, L. T. Wang, W. Zhang, F. Zhang, D. Pang, M. He, X. Zhao, and L. Ji

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Two compact dual-band bandpass filters (BPFs) with closely spaced passbands are presented in this paper. Each of the filters consists of a stub loaded resonator, to which shorted lines are coupled. The ratio of the center frequencies of two passbands can be easily adjusted from 1.2 to 1.1 by changing the gap of the coupled line. In addition, seven transmission zeros (TZs) can be yielded to obtain high passband selectivity and enhance the out of band performances. As an example, two filters are designed, fabricated and measured. Both filters exhibit the merits of high passband selectivity, very low center frequency ratio, and wide stopband suppression.

Y. Xiong, L. T. Wang, W. Zhang, F. Zhang, D. Pang, M. He, X. Zhao, and L. Ji, "Design of Dual-Band Bandpass Filter with Closely Spaced Passbands and Multiple Transmission Zeros," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 70, 45-51, 2017.

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