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By H. Feng, L. Xu, P. Wang, and P. Gao

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A miniaturized monopole-like slot antenna with improved un-roundness of H-plane radiation patterns at higher frequency response for ultra-wideband application is presented and discussed. With the monopole-like slot antenna structure, wide working band (3.21-16.3 GHz) is obtained within a limited physical size (21×21.5×1.6 mm3). By modifying the structure of the proposed antenna, such as etching a quarter of a circular slot at the corner of the ground plane and a trapezoidal slot in the radiating patch, the un-roundness of H-plane radiation patterns is reduced by 5 dB in high-frequency band. Measured results show that it has a bandwidth from 3.2 GHz to 17.52 GHz, which are in good agreement with simulations.

H. Feng, L. Xu, P. Wang, and P. Gao, "Miniaturized UWB Monopole-Like Slot Antenna with Low Un-Roundness of h -Plane Radiation Patterns at High-Frequency Band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 70, 107-113, 2017.

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