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By S. Lalithamma, N. P. Pathak, and S. K. Manhas

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This paper presents the design and analysis of a planar pattern reconfigurable antenna for WLAN applications. The proposed design makes use of four Vee dipoles placed around a center input probe. The directional beam generated can be reconfigured to any one of the four directions in the azimuth plane. The antenna pattern can be controlled by means of switches provided to connect the Vee dipoles to the input port. The design and analysis of the parameters show the scalability of the design to adapt to any frequency of choice. To validate the concept, an antenna is designed for the WLAN frequency of 5.3 GHz, and a prototype is fabricated. The measured results match closely to that of simulated results. The gain provided by the antenna is noted as 7.5 dBi. The planar structure and simple design of the antenna enable this antenna to be useful for modern pattern reconfigurable communication systems.

S. Lalithamma, N. P. Pathak, and S. K. Manhas, "Design and Analysis of Vee Dipole Based Reconfigurable Planar Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 70, 123-128, 2017.

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