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By J. Zhou, J. Yang, D. Zhao, and D. Yang

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The block diagram of a TR (Transmit Receive) module that consists of four channels using a silicon substrate is presented in this paper. The silicon substrate fabricated by microelectronic process has been adopted to increase the interconnect density of module. Several broadband vertical transitions are simulated and optimized by EM simulator. The vertical transition works well from DC to 40 GHz. The insertion loss is less than 1 dB, and the return loss is better than -15 dB in back-to-back configuration. A novel TR module based on the silicon substrate is proposed for its miniaturization and high integration advantages. The module occupies a compact area of 30 mm×20 mm×1.8 mm, and the weight is 1.77 g.

J. Zhou, J. Yang, D. Zhao, and D. Yang, "A Miniaturized Multi-Channel TR Module Design Based on Silicon Substrate," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 117-123, 2018.

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