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By J.-L. Guo and L. Cui

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A seven-band antenna for vehicle-mounted T-BOX with a compact structure is proposed and studied. The proposed antenna is composed of a monopole branch and a ground branch. In addition, a slot is embedded in the monopole branch for bandwidth enhancement. By using 0.25- and 0.5-wavelength modes, the lower band (824-960 MHz) and higher band (1710-2690 MHz) are covered. The working mechanism is analyzed based on S-parameters and surface current distributions. The attractive merits of the proposed antenna are that the structure is compact with a small ground, and no lumped element is used. The measured results show that the antenna can cover the lower band of GSM850/900 and the desired upper band of DCS1800/PCS1900/UMTS2100/LTE2300/2500. The measured efficiencies are also presented.

J.-L. Guo and L. Cui, "A Compact Printed Seven-Band Monopole Antenna for Vehicle-Mounted T-Box," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 99-105, 2018.

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