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By X. Ye, W.-T. Li, and W. Du

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The deformation of antenna array due to external factors results in a significant degradation in the performance of the array direction of arrival (DOA) estimation. To solve this problem, an equivalent method based on the estimation of signal parameters by rotational invariance technique (ESPRIT) in single signal source for the array position errors is proposed in this paper. This method is mainly for the low-order deformation of the array and is based on the equivalent value of the position error. The DOA estimation of ESPRIT algorithm for single signal source was corrected. The simulation results show that the position error equivalent method can effectively equalize the position error caused by the vibration deformation of the array. When the equivalent position error is known, the orientation of the single signal source can be effectively corrected.

X. Ye, W.-T. Li, and W. Du, "An Equivalent Method of Position Error Caused by the Array Antenna Deformation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 53-60, 2018.

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