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By F. Pang, J. Yin, S. Li, J. Cui, Y. Zheng, C. Hu, L. Ma, X. Wang, and Q. Chi

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A new C-band monopole antenna is proposed for use in a CAPS-based vehicle monitoring system. This monopole antenna has highly omnidirectional main beam with low elevation angle and sufficient half-power beamwidth by using a cone-shaped ground plane. The impedance bandwidth defined by 10 dB return loss is 650 MHz (5.50-6.15 GHz), and the main beam elevation angle and the half-power beamwidth are about 20° and 40° at the operating frequency 5.885 GHz, respectively. The manufactured prototype has survived a long-distance terrestrial test across China, and the design requirements for the satellite link budget, volume, cost, etc. have been reached.

F. Pang, J. Yin, S. Li, J. Cui, Y. Zheng, C. Hu, L. Ma, X. Wang, and Q. Chi, "A Low Elevation Angle Conical Beam Antenna for CAPS-Based Vehicle Monitoring System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 17-22, 2018.

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