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By I. Savitri, R. Anwar, Y. S. Amrullah, and D. A. Nurmantris

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Radio wave energy harvesting has become one of the most fascinating fields of research, especially in developing antenna for its front end subsystem. This paper presents the development of a single large aperture antenna for energy harvesting system. Three substrate layers FR4-air-FR4 are employed to increase the antenna gain. Measurement result shows that the proposed antenna is able to obtain gain of about 9.61 dBi at 1.575 GHz (GPS L1 frequency), with low return loss of about -17.12 dB. The achieved bandwidth is about 128 MHz. The antenna characteristic is suitable for energy harvesting application.

I. Savitri, R. Anwar, Y. S. Amrullah, and D. A. Nurmantris, "Development of Large Aperture Microstrip Antenna for Radio Wave Energy Harvesting," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 137-143, 2018.

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