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By Y. Ekdiha, K. Mounirh, M. Khalladi, and S. El Adraoui

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In plasma physics, the interaction with electromagnetic waves is related to the electrons contained in the plasma. So to analyze this interaction, the behaviour of electrons contained must be understood and modeled. In this paper, a new TLM formulation for dispersive media called the exponential time differencing (ETD) transmission line matrix (TLM) technique is introduced to model the interaction with dispersive media. To verify the high accuracy and efficiency of this method, the reflection and transmission coefficients of electromagnetic wave through a non-magnetized collisional plasma slab are computed and compared to the analytical solution. As the electron density in plasma can be distributed as Epstein formula, and its distribution is a function of the grads coefficient σ, and the effect of this parameter and the electron collision frequency νc on the reflection coefficient is calculated. The results show that with different values of σ and νc, the reflection coefficient is affected and can be reduced.

Y. Ekdiha, K. Mounirh, M. Khalladi, and S. El Adraoui, "New TLM Formulation for Modeling Epstein Plasma," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 83, 59-64, 2019.


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