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By G. K. Das, R. Dutta, D. Mitra, and M. Mitra

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In this paper, a simple approach for enhancing the gain of a planar dipole antenna using the concept of grounded metamaterial (MTM) has been proposed. In this regard, a magnetic metamaterial with Mu-very large (MVL) property has been utilised to increase the gain of the electric dipole source. A fully planar structure has been configured due to the placement of the metamaterial just over the ground plane. A significant amount of gain improvement (about 3.7 dB) of the dipole antenna can be attained using the metamaterial. In addition, a fair increase of fractional bandwidth by 2.2% has been obtained due to the loading of the metamaterial. A comparative study with respect to recently reported literature for the gain enhancement of planar dipole has also been discussed. The proposed antenna is a worthy candidate for wireless communication owing to the high gain, low profile, and wide bandwidth characteristics.

G. K. Das, R. Dutta, D. Mitra, and M. Mitra, "Gain Enhancement of Planar Dipole Antenna Using Grounded Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 87, 123-130, 2019.

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