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By K. Zuo, Y.-Z. Zhu, L. Li, Z. Li, G. Peng, and X. Liu

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The research and development of microwave-tunable equipment has promoted the advancement of electronic countermeasures and electronic surveillance in the field of military communications. The research of fully tunable filters is a hotspot in the field of tunable filter research. Parameters such as center frequency (CF), absolute bandwidth (ABW), and transmission zero (TZ) are important indicators of fully tunable filters. In this paper, a high-performance fully tunable substrate integrated waveguide filter is designed and fabricated to achieve constant ABW (100 MHz) and TZ (1.59 GHz) with CF tunable, and the adjustable range is 1.1-1.3 GHz. Meanwhile, the constant CF (1.15 GHz) is achieved with the ABW tunable, and the adjustable range is 70-120 MHz. Also the constant ABW (100 MHz) and CF (1.14 GHz) are achieved with the TZ tunable, and the adjustable range is 1.59-1.89 GHz. The measured results show that the insertion loss of the tunable filter is lower than 2.04 dB, and the return loss is greater than 20 dB.

K. Zuo, Y.-Z. Zhu, L. Li, Z. Li, G. Peng, and X. Liu, "A Novel Three-Parameter Fully Tunable BP Filter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 87, 45-50, 2019.

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