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By Q. Li, A. Xu, L. Zhou, and C. Shang

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Aiming at high torque ripple of switched reluctance motor (SRM) caused by hysteresis tolerance control, this study proposes a new deadbeat control based on an SRM rotation coordinate system. The command current is easily calculated on account of the nonlinear deadbeat current controller. For the voltage control, the redefined voltage vectors and space voltage module are discussed to reduce the switching states. Experimental results exhibit that the proposed method can reduce the SRM torque ripple compared with direct torque control and direct instantaneous torque control. In addition, all the results are carried out on a three phase 12/8-poles SRM.

Q. Li, A. Xu, L. Zhou, and C. Shang, "A Deadbeat Current Control Method for Switched Reluctance Motor," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 91, 123-128, 2020.

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