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By J. Kulkarni

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A novel multifrequency printed monopole antenna applied to GSM, WLAN, and WiMAX standards in laptop devices is developed. The novelty of the proposed monopole antenna is the simple design without using any reactive components, expensive substrate, or any additional hardware to operate in multi-band frequencies for laptop applications. It is noteworthy that the dimensions of the proposed antenna structure is only 0.105λ × 0.05λ, at lower resonating frequency 1.8 GHz, thus attaining a height of only 9 mm above the system ground. This antenna mainly incorporates an `F'-shaped strip and a `C'-shaped strip together printed on an FR-4 substrate. The coaxial feeding results in the generation of three bands with measured impedance bandwidth spanned in the range of (1.74-1.87 GHz) in lower band (fl), (2.40-2.50 GHz) in a medium band (fm), and (5.12-6.06 GHz) in upper band (fu). Furthermore, the aforementioned antenna exhibits excellent radiation performances including gain around 4-5 dBi followed by efficiency greater than 80% in all the operating bands. The simulated and measured results are found in good agreement which demonstrates the applicability of proposed antenna for GSM1800/WLAN/WiMAX applications in laptop devices.

J. Kulkarni, "Multi-Band Printed Monopole Antenna Conforming Bandwidth Requirement of GSM/WLAN/WiMAX Standards," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 91, 59-66, 2020.

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