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By D. Chao, C. Han, and M.-X. Du

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This paper analyzes the variation trend of transmission coefficients of two electromagnetic interference filters with different structures in different temperature environments. Considering the influence of mutual-inductance between capacitors and temperature on parasitic parameters, we construct a wideband equivalent circuit model of electromagnetic interference filter and calculate the coefficient of the parameter as a function of temperature by measuring the parasitic parameters of common mode chokes (CMC) in different temperature environments. Because the wide range of selected temperature changes, it is necessary to divide the entire temperature range into two temperature segments and calculate the temperature coefficients respectively to ensure the accuracy of the data. Through the simulation and experiment, we have obtained the variation trend of the transmission coefficient of two kinds of structural electromagnetic interference filters under different temperature environments, and the trend shows that the attenuation performance of the filter rises first and then decreases with the increase of temperature, which verifies that the temperature will affect the performance of the filter.

D. Chao, C. Han, and M.-X. Du, "Analysis of the Effect of Temperature on the Wideband Characteristics of EMI Filters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 91, 67-75, 2020.

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