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By B. Mekimah, T. Djerafi, A. Messai, and A. Belhedri

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A broadband circularly polarized CPW-fed slot patch antenna is presented in this paper. The proposed geometry consists of two unequal L-shaped arms, feeding asymmetrically-shaped slots at two opposite corners to achieve wider circularly polarized bandwidth in stable radiation, without any external polariser. The antenna performance exhibits a wide 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth (3-dB ARBW) of 2.8 GHz, starting from 7.4 GHz until 10.2 GHz, within the 10-dB impedance bandwidth (10-dB IBW) of 3.2 GHz (7-10.2 GHz). Results show a stable radiation in the broadside direction, in which the antenna shows a maximum gain of 4 dBi in bidirectional broadside radiation. The proposed structure occupies a global size of 24 × 22 × 0.25 mm3. The outcomes are achieved making, therefore, the proposed antenna an excellent candidate for performed systems within X band range.

B. Mekimah, T. Djerafi, A. Messai, and A. Belhedri, "Broadband Circularly Polarized CPW-Fed Asymmetrically-Shaped Slot Patch Antenna for X Band Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 91, 137-143, 2020.

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