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Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from Time-Domain Electromagnetic Waves

By Hui Zhou, Dongling Qiu, Jinsong Shen, and Guofa Li
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 5, 137-152, 2008


An iterative time-domain algorithm for reconstructing three-dimensional (3-D) objects is presented, using normalized microwave data. The incident waveform information is excluded from the cost functional by normalizing the observed and calculated fields in the frequency domain. The exciting pulse used in the reconstruction can be freely selected by considering the bandwidth of the received data. Two numerical examples are shown to demonstrate that the proposed method can rebuild an inhomogeneous object from noisy data where different waveforms in the observation and reconstruction are used. Two normalized data sets from synthetic observed data and calculated data for a known model are illustrated too.


Hui Zhou, Dongling Qiu, Jinsong Shen, and Guofa Li, "Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from Time-Domain Electromagnetic Waves," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 5, 137-152, 2008.


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