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Analysis of Dielectric Body by Using Volume Integral Equation Combined with Multi-Region Iterative Method

By Huiqing Zhai, Qiaowei Yuan, Qiang Chen, and Kunio Sawaya
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 5, 161-169, 2008


In this research, a fast approach of method of moments (MoM) for analyzing 3-D dielectric body is proposed. The unknown polarization current in dielectric body is expanded into rectangular blocks with overlapping volume sinusoidal basis functions. To accelerate the matrix-solving CPU time in MoM, the multi-region iterative method, where the overlapping blocks are used as the iteration units, is applied to solving the matrix equation in the MoM. Some numerical results are given to show that the CPU time for solving unknown currents can be reduced effectively by multi-region iterative method.


Huiqing Zhai, Qiaowei Yuan, Qiang Chen, and Kunio Sawaya, "Analysis of Dielectric Body by Using Volume Integral Equation Combined with Multi-Region Iterative Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 5, 161-169, 2008.


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