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By B. Lu, S.-X. Gong, S. Zhang, and J. Ling

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A new method for analyzing the RCS of array antennas is presented in this paper. In the proposed method, the total RCS of the array can be simply decomposed to array RCS factor and element RCS factor. By this decomposition, the effects of the array distribution and antenna elements on scattering can be clearly exhibited. Thus, the analyzing of scattering characteristic of array antennas becomes easier. Moreover, proposed method has good compatibility for calculating the RCS of the array antennas with the same array distribution for different element.

B. Lu, S.-X. Gong, S. Zhang, and J. Ling, "A New Method for Determining the Scattering of Linear Polarized Element Arrays," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 7, 87-96, 2009.

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