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By M. M. Danaei, H. Aliakbarian, M. Azarbadegan, and Y. Bairami

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In this paper, the protection of a sensitive car-size system using a hemispherical shielding cover is discussed. The shield cover spreads on the soil, inserting some vertical (metal) rods into the ground, and adding a gridded wire carpet under the cover structure. The shielding performance of the cover structure was considered by a numerical simulation and experiments. The proposed cover structure shows the shielding effectiveness (SE) of -40 dB in worst case in the frequency range of 10 to 200 MHz.

M. M. Danaei, H. Aliakbarian, M. Azarbadegan, and Y. Bairami, "Protection of CAR-Size Sensitive Equipments Using a Shielding Cover," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 7, 97-108, 2009.

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