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By F. G. Bogdanov, R. G. Jobava, A. L. Gheonjian, E. A. Yavolovskaya, N. G. Bondarenko, T. N. Injgia, and S. Frei

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This paper proposes an enhanced MoM scheme to integrate arbitrary N-port networks into geometry models. This scheme is based on the incorporation of network equations into the standard MoM scheme. The suggested scheme is validated by comparison of the characteristics of a linear amplifier with those obtained by PSPICE. A general application of the enhanced MoM scheme is to handle complicated antenna or EMC problems including various types of network devices. Its potential to handle antenna-amplifier systems, automotive or other EMC problems is outlined.

F. G. Bogdanov, R. G. Jobava, A. L. Gheonjian, E. A. Yavolovskaya, N. G. Bondarenko, T. N. Injgia, and S. Frei, "Development and Application of an Enhanced MoM Scheme with Integrated Generalized N-Port Networks," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 7, 135-148, 2009.

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